Sweet Red Peppers

Sweet and piquant cherry peppers are ideal for stuffing with cream cheese.  


Sweet Yellow Peppers

These flavourful sweet yellow peppers are superb for cream cheese stuffing.


Sweetheart Peppers

Pickled sweetheart peppers are mild and juicy. Sliced peppers are great for toppings on salads and sandwiches.


Jalapeño Peppers

Our fiery jalapeño peppers have a bit of natural heat. Stuff them with cream cheese or top your nachos and tacos. Try them on pizzas and burgers.


Patty Pans

Pumpkin-like fruits that taste soft and neutral, comparable to zucchini.  Great for stuffing and adding color to salads.


Gourmet Chutney

A unique chutney that tastes sensational! Exquisite when served with cheese. Perfect on bread or crackers.

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